Hello from Lagos. Hope your week is going fine and you are enjoying the best of what the year has to offer as December draws near. It's been a  bit of weather swing here in Lagos with rain falling on days not expected of it to rain but we are loving it because it has left the daily weather cool. So today I decided to take a walk through the streets of Lagos with my friends while wearing my favorite piece from Moe.gear since the weather in Lagos is quite cool and chill. I love sweat-_shirt because it gives you the perfect balance. 

What supposed to be a hangout with my friends turned into a photo shoot session with the street hustle and bustle as a theme. The Moe.gear Wooded vests fits into the street moment so well that I fell in love with the photos at first sight. I love sweat-shirts because they gives you a perfect casual street balance.

Wooded pullovers are great to layer, they provide warmth  and cool fashion statement. I'm just a big fan of sweat-shirt like that. This white smooth wooded fabric is great to dress up a pant trouser and some black formal shoe look(as well to a white/black sneaker to give it more casual look),or play down some simple jean trousers.
Moe.gear is a very dope clothing brand do check them out IG (@Moe.gear).
The whole look as this simple and perfect style is to keep you going on this cold weather in Lag, keeping the tone neat and streamlined with a monochromatic OOTD. You see all those dudes on IG wearing them with a tee-shirt inner and ripped denim, give it a go ; you won't regret it.

Check out the photos from my G @officialtobimages
Sweat-shirt: @Moe.gear
Pant: HOA
Shoes: Prada
Shade: Ray ban.

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Hello everyone, am back with a little bit of looking good is the new blue. Today is all about my new look (Blue suit by HOA). If you are reading this, thank you very much; not too late. Also this happens to be my first post this year. My apologies on that. this is one of the many great post I have in store, which concerns the picking out of this beautiful blue nice weight fabric suit for the seasons. Thanks to all my supporters & friends who have dedicate their time following me on several social media platforms. I really appreciate the love. I'm back for real this time and have a lot packed up.

This is boy blue, for those of the you my good friends, you would have notice my love for anything blue. This one is a sharp colour, with vibrant look that fit warmer seasons, I think every gent should have that in their wardrobe. since the suit itself is so bold & sharp,I played down the rest of the look with a crisp white shirt, plain black knit tie, black thick shoes, and also diesel back wrist watch; with brown & silver accessories to add more refined style and please don't forget that pocket square, Coz I did, and it is so annoying. I know you would ask, what was I thinking that made me miss out on the pocket square? well, my reply is, guess it was already set out that the work will go this way. So for you, guess you know what to do, get yourself a nice white pocket square make into any desirable point fold, or slightly puffed, if that's the word?.

As for details I wanted to pick a royal blue, but as due influence, we always need to be creative and fast in thinking and that is one reason this blue lightweight fabric & texture suit caught my eyes, I picked out 2 lapel button suit. I know that was it. sometimes I don't like wearing a belt so I added a two side adjusters on the trousers.

I think the whole concept of achieving this look is to have fun, and not to look serious about it.
it was nice teaming up with the #TeamHOA on this Look.

Photos by ... IG (@Officialtobimages)

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